ZNR Description

Zero and Non-Revenue (ZNR) is a term used in the travel industry to describe a specific type of passenger on a flight who does not generate any revenue for the airline. These passengers typically include airline employees, their families, and other individuals who are eligible for free or discounted travel.

ZNR passengers are able to travel on a space-available basis, meaning that they can only board a flight if there are empty seats after all revenue passengers have been accommodated. This can sometimes result in ZNR passengers being unable to secure a seat on their desired flight, especially during peak travel periods.

There are several categories of ZNR passengers, each with their own set of rules and restrictions. The most common category is airline employees, who are often given free or heavily discounted travel privileges as part of their employment benefits. These employees may be able to travel on their own airline or on partner airlines, depending on the specific agreements in place.

In addition to airline employees, ZNR passengers can also include retirees, dependents of employees, and even certain government officials or military personnel. Each category may have different eligibility requirements and restrictions, such as the number of allowed trips per year or the ability to travel during peak periods.

When it comes to booking ZNR travel, the process can be quite different from booking a regular revenue ticket. ZNR passengers typically have a separate booking system or portal where they can request flights and check availability. They may also need to provide certain documentation or identification to prove their eligibility for ZNR travel.

It’s important to note that ZNR passengers are typically considered lower priority than revenue passengers, meaning that they may be bumped from a flight if there are not enough seats available. This can be frustrating for ZNR passengers, especially if they have made plans or arrangements based on their expected travel.

Overall, ZNR travel is a unique aspect of the airline industry that allows certain individuals to enjoy the benefits of air travel without incurring the usual costs. While there are limitations and restrictions associated with ZNR travel, it can be a valuable perk for those who are eligible.


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